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T.E. Corner uses a very creative touch in his writing by uplifting and inspiring readers. In Mommy, Why Do You Have Two Birthdays?get ready for a breathtaking journey through happiness, fear, anger, self-discovery and ultimately triumph. 

Upon his wife’s diagnosis with stage four non-Hodgkin lymphoma, in the form of a twelve centimeter mass in her chest, she quickly becomes an expert in the disease. She meets with multiple specialists in the field of oncology on her quest to discover a cure, until finding the right doctor who believes as much as she does that she will overcome.

T.E. chronicles his wife’s life altering experience, and the many fascinating procedures and treatments she endured, while on her way to a renewed life.

Wishing you love and happiness! 

Our friend, Kylie, is back in Positive Thoughts, Positive Life! 

Kylie is aware that her good thoughts and positive vision have led to a happy life and all of the wonderful things that she’s been given.

Always give it your best.  Think thoughts of happiness, abundance, and success. When you keep your positive thoughts and desires in front of you, good things happen and your dreams come true.



Read for a Lifetime

with Inspirational Author, T. E. Corner

Kylie is back in Life is Fine, When You Are Aligned!, the third installment in T.E. Corner’s inspirational children’s book series.

He continues to impress, captivating readers and leaving them with messages that last a lifetime.

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T.E. Corner’s big debut publication was List for Santa, List for Life! He proudly followed up with Positive Thoughts, Positive Life!

In 2017 he continues to uplift and inspire with two exciting new publications.

  • Life is Fine, When you Are Aligned! is the next story in his children series about our friend Kylie.
  • ​​Mommy, Why Do You Have two Birthdays? is a heartwarming and uplifting memoir about his wife's triumph over stage four cancer.

Inspirational author T.E. Corner does an exceptional job showing children ways to reveal and retain life’s little secrets to happiness through his writings. A simple and honest belief in oneself, while removing any hints self-doubt is a good start. He resides in Media, Pennsylvania with his greatest teachers; his wife and three daughters. 

Remember the first time you wrote your first Christmas list for Santa? 

For many of us, writing lists for Santa when we were children may have been the first time we ever set our own goals detailing what we desired. This practice is useful not only for making sure Santa knows just what you’re hoping for, but to ensure you never forget your goals and aspirations.

Kylie’s experience in List for Santa, List for Life! teaches children the importance of writing down and maintaining their own set of goals and desires to help them receive the wonderful things this life has to offer.

List for Santa,

List for Life!

Meet the Author!

T.E. Corner

Positive Thoughts, Positive Life!